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Quick life update

Happy Labor Day, y’all! I know I have been away from the blog for quite some time, and I apologize for that. I thought I would share a bit about why, and what’s been going on with me!

As you may remember from previous posts, my hubby came home from Texas to help get our daughter moved back to school. He came home just before Harvey hit, and he’s been stuck home ever since. I say stuck like it’s a bad thing lol it’s not. He was working and living about 15 minutes from the coast, about 45 minutes south of Houston. Everyone working on the project was evacuated back to their hometowns.

We also found out that he might potentially be in TX until February. That means that he has had to be working here at home, nearly nonstop, to “winterize” our homestead before he heads back out. There are a lot of things I either don’t know how to do, or simply cannot do because I don’t have the strength. Not to mention, the potential of Hurricane Irma hitting our state is quite high. He’s basically having to do a season’s worth of house and yard work in a week.

Of course, I am doing what I can to help him. It isn’t easy, because I tire easily, and I just cannot move at the same speed that he can. I’m trying, though. I can’t sit back and watch him work himself into a frenzy, while I sit and watch. That also means, I have triggered some nasty flares. There have been several nights that have seen me asleep on the couch by 6:30. Asleep for the night. Unfortunately, my pain meds are ineffective during flares, which has made life pretty darn miserable. I’ve had to keep pushing through, though, because I just don’t have a choice. I do what I can, which upsets my precious hubs. Like any decent spouse, he can’t stand to see me in pain, or struggling, so he makes me rest. I’ve read some absolute horror stories of women with autoimmune diseases and/or chronic illnesses with regard to their families. Many women who battle these diseases do not have supportive families, and even have loved ones accuse them of being drug addicts and faking it for attention. These women are expected to continue on with their household responsibilities, as if they were totally healthy and physically capable. Time and again, I have read their stories, with tears in my eyes, thanking my lucky stars for my husband and daughter. My hubby refuses to allow me to run myself down (or even get close), and most times I don’t argue. This time, however, I didn’t give him the choice. There is just too much work to be done, and he’s only one person.

I don’t want y’all to think I’ve forgotten about you, or that I have let the blog slip away. Oh no! Unfortunately, though, getting things done around here must be the number one priority. I know y’all understand that. I have gotten a ton of cool new products in the mail, I’m working with some really awesome companies that I will be talking about and I have a lot of cool stuff planned for the days and weeks ahead. It’s just that my personal life has to come first right now. I have to help my husband get our house and land prepped for winter, mild though they might be. We have to make hurricane preparations now, because he likely won’t be here if and when Irma decides to hit. We’re clearing out the crap and clutter while I have a partner. I work so much better with a partner haha and he knows that, thankfully. We’re making repairs and improvements to the house, while he’s here, because who knows when he’ll be home again. These things will make my life easier while I’m here alone for the next several months.

Thank you all for understanding my crazy life right now. Things will settle down pretty soon, and I’ll be back to telling y’all all about the coolest in skin care and beauty. I have been posting randomly on Instagram and Twitter while hubby has been home. That only takes five seconds, versus the few hours of prep and writing the blog takes. My Insta username is carriegulledge and my Twitter is @LkGoodFeelGood. Check me out over there because there are random, super quick posts on those platforms. I’ll be back soon, y’all!


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Mid week relief

I dunno about where y’all live, but in central SC it is H-O-T!!! I don’t mean slightly warmer than usual. I mean fry an egg on the ground, my a/c can’t keep up, don’t run the dryer during the day kind of hot. Our heat indices are routinely above 100° F, which means our humidity levels are ridiculous. I need a mask tonight that is going to calm and cool my poor face skin haha

Luckily, I had a order from Walmart come in today. I think I got four or five different types of masks. Walmart has a great selection of any type of face mask you could need or want. They are great quality and easy on the wallet, too! Tonight’s choice is 7th Heaven Creamy Coconut, from Montagne Jeunesse, for dry and tired skin. Haha that’s me! A mask, just for me! They know my life haha


This mask claims to create a hydrating vitality boost. It was very creamy and smelled GREAT! What I wasn’t expecting was for this to burn like heck fire on my upper lip! Holy frijoles … it burned!! I scanned the ingredients to see if there was something crazy that might be causing it. There wasn’t. I decided to stick it out, and the burn faded after a minute or two. This mask is cruelty free. I talked to my hubby on the phone while it dried, then went to the bathroom to rinse and survey the damage to my poor upper lip.


That’s me being annoyed that it’s burning, by the way. I was very surprised to see zero redness where I felt burning. None. Zero Zip. I was a little shocked, considering what I felt. But hey, I’m not gonna argue with the facts. My face feels soooooo gooooood y’all! Days like today can really aggravate my fibro, so anywhere I can find some comfort I am going for that. We’re just starting with days like this, so I need to load up my trick bag!! Funny enough, hot weather aggravates my fibro, cold weather aggravates my RA. Can’t win for losing hahaha

Despite feeling like my upper lip was literally on fire for a minute, I really liked this mask. Confusing, I know. Welcome to my life! I love how my skin feels and the burn only lasted a minute, truly. The outcome was worth the bit of initial discomfort. And for $1.14 … come on. This feels better than more expensive masks I’ve used, that’s for sure.

What do you do to comfort your skin on insanely hot days? How do you stay cool? What do you do when you can feel your body starting to fight itself? Lemme know!


Super Saturday

Yesterday was such a fun, busy day. I don’t know if I have told you all that I am a hermit. Self-imposed and much loved, but a hermit, nonetheless. I do not like leaving my farm. I actually get agitated when I have to be in town sometimes haha Yesterday, though, was a day I was glad to be in town.

My first stop was our local artisan/farmer’s market. I connected with a bath product company on Facebook and they were going to be at the market yesterday. I HAD to get my hands on their bath bombs. You guys know how I am about my bath products hahaha The Ever After Boutique makes handcrafted bath and home products, such as candles and wax melts. I bought several bath bombs, some sugar scrub cubes, wax melts and a foot scrub. I tried one of their cotton candy bath bombs last night and, let me tell you, their products rival Lush. I was highly impressed! As soon as I dropped the bomb in the tub, the colors swirled and mixed to make the water purple and the fizz with this bomb was incredible! The scent wasn’t as potent as I was hoping for, but it was there. Check them out on Facebook and see what they have to offer. The price is great and they have some really cool products!


After the market, I headed over to our local civic center for a comicon. Yep, I’m one of those people haha I love just about anything in the sci-fi or fantasy genre. My dogs are names for Lord of the Rings characters haha Our town has tried these cons a few times and this one was quite a success! Lots of people, lots of cool vendors. The best part was hanging out with a friend and some of his cool kids. The little ginger has stolen my heart in a crazy way. We clicked instantly the first time we met and we just have a kind of crazy connection. I can’t explain it, really. Anyway, we had a BLAST walking around the con … buying cool stuff and eating treats.


Of course, I wore the wrong shoes. Of course, my knees, ankles and feet were stagging a revolt. Of course, I grabbed the WRONG pain medicine as I was running (late) out the door. By the time I got home, my pain levels were bordering on insane. I took a dose and a half of the right meds and did nothing until they kicked in. I ended up taking the other half a pill not long after, because they just weren’t doing enough. I hate when stuff like that is totally my fault and could have been avoided. Sigh … one of these days I’ll learn. It was a good opportunity to try the bath bombs I bought earlier in the day, though.

My poor face really showed the effects of the day. I had dark circles under my eyes and my entire face just looked worn out. I dug into my bag of tricks and pulled out several products. I was gonna have to approach this with guns a’blazin’! My first attack was a sheet mask from Soo Ae Beauty. I went with a vitamin mask, because I was feeling defeated AND depleted! After the 20 minute mark, my skin felt great! I felt refreshed and the remaining serum wasn’t sticky or weird, like it can be with some masks. It has a light lemony floral scent, which helped to perk me up a bit, I think.

My eyes, though. My eyes still looked like they had seen way too much. They felt puffy and there were some very dark circles. I remembered I had some eye patches from Tarte Cosmetics. Save your hard earned money, y’all. The description for these Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Patches claims to fight the look of puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet. Uhhhhh … no. My dark circles were still there (and are still there this afternoon). You get four sets for $22. While not wildly expensive, it’s too much money for a product that doesn’t really work. At least, they didn’t work for me.

My last plan of attack was a sleeping mask I just got in the mail from Sephora. Ahhhh … now this is some good stuff. First, there is enough in the package for at least three or four applications, as the directions say to use a thin layer. I pressed the foil back down, and put it in a plastic baggie to keep it from drying out. Score! Second. my poor little face immediately brightened and the rosacea redness disappeared. Completely. It’s back today, but for a few minutes, it was totally gone! Also, it didn’t leave my face sticky or slimy, as some of these masks can. Maybe my skin was that desperate for some nutrition and sucked it all in haha Either way, my skin LOVED this stuff!!! Well worth the $4. Holy cow, sooooo worth it.

So how was your weekend? How did you help your skin recover from it? Lemme know!


My water heater exploded today, along with my brain

**This is gonna be a long one. Not beauty/wellness/chronic illness related. But, if you’re interested in hearing about my meltdown, get a drink, some popcorn and settle in haha**

Y’all, today has been a day! A few days ago, I mentioned my daughter was taking the train to Canada for a two week vacation to see her boyfriend. Her train was scheduled to leave at 4:50 this morning, so we  had to get up at 2:30 this morning, to leave by 3. The train station is a 20 minute drive, which was nice. So, we get there, and the station is deserted. No one working inside, and one woman waiting with her family. I live in a pretty rural area of South Carolina, so honestly, the station being deserted wasn’t a surprise. Not many folks around here are clamoring to go north haha The train arrives, and they literally whisk my baby girl away. I mean, her feet weren’t on the steps good before it was pulling off. She’s 19, and this is her first trip by herself, and it’s out of the country haha My nerves!! I choked back a few tears, and headed home.

I got home just in time to see my hubby off. He’s working out of town this week himself, so I get the house ALL TO MY SELF!! At least for a few days. He leaves, and I putter around, doing a few odds and ends before I try to nap. I loaded the dishwasher and turned it on, straightened up a few things. You know, just stuff. My grandma called to see if my girl had gotten off alright, and we chatted for a few minutes. I am incredibly close with my grandparents. They are honestly more like parents to me. Anyway, totally off subject haha

I settle back in with my YouTube on the couch and my dog starts losing his mind, barking. He’s barking at a noise in my kitchen. There are always little noises in my kitchen. The ceiling fan is set to hurricane, so it rattles the masterpieces my niece draws for me, that are attached prominently to my fridge. I didn’t think anything of it, truly, but he wouldn’t stop. I get up, grumbling at him about being so overprotective, and then I see it …

My hot water heater is spewing BOILING hot water from the top. SPEWING. BOILING. HOT. WATER. I couldn’t find a way to turn it off and I couldn’t get anything under the pipe to catch the water. I am frantically calling my husband. I called my uncle. NO ONE was answering me!! My uncle called me back about five minutes later, and while I was panic-talking to him, my hubby beeped in. The water stopped flowing while I was explaining what happened. I couldn’t hear him very well, so he said he would call me back in a little bit. I turned off what I thought was the breaker, but it wasn’t. Of course it wasn’t.

He finally called back, and he talked me through using a voltmeter to figure out which breaker to turn off. That process took about an hour, I swear. Maybe time was just dragging. I dunno, but I finally figured out the breaker and got it shut off.  I’ve mentioned how much I love hot baths. We should have known there was a problem last night. I was taking my usual hot bath/aromatherapy/relaxation siesta and, as the water was running, I noticed that the water was hotter than usual. And not just a little bit. It was VERY hot. Too hot for me, which is nearly unheard of. Anyway, hubby thinks the thermostat must have gotten stuck and it wet cray cray heating up the water. When the steam created too much pressure in the tank, it blew the release valve. There was water everywhere. Oh my word, so much water. And it was CRAZY hot. I was so worried that it was going to melt the linoleum, it was that hot. and I couldn’t get to most of it to clean it up. It went under my deep freezer and under my stove.  I got what I could and called it a day.

Or, so I thought. I called my uncle back to let him know it was, more or less, under control. He informed me that today was our produce co-op pickup day. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS. RIGHT. NOW. The very last thing I wanted to deal with a crap ton of fresh produce. I pick up for my uncle and one of his buddies, so I really had no choice. The little town that I pick up in has two “big” stores: a Family Dollar and a Dollar General. I stopped in both, just because I felt I needed to blow off some steam with a little retail therapy. It was a bust. After I picked up the produce, I decided to stop at the local hole-in-the-wall Chinese place. I use that terms affectionately. The food is outstanding! I ordered my usual: sweet and sour chicken, veggie fried rice and veggie lo mein. It’s my comfort food, and man, did I need comfort! It was finally ready and I grabbed it and sped home. As I’m opening containers, an odd scent hit my olfactory nerve. Sigh … my veggie lo mein was, in fact, shrimp lo mein. Now, I do not like seafood, or fish, or anything that comes out of the water. Crazy, I know. But there they were, big fat shrimp sitting in my not-veggie lo mein. I was heartbroken, but I put it in am airtight container and hubby will very happily devour it when he gets home. Of course, the stress and physical demands from trying to deal with the water heater triggered a mini flare. My pain meds weren’t working and I could barely walk. Of course this was happening. Of course.

Guess what? That’s not all, folks! My daughter’s first train switch was at Penn Station in NYC. She got lost. For about an hour. Sheer and total panicked lost. My cousin lives in upstate NY, so my daughter called her for moral support. And, my cousin is familiar with Penn, so she was able to talk her through getting to where she needed to be. Shortly before boarding, my daughter collapsed. I guess from exhaustion and topped out anxiety levels. They got her on the train and wanted to call the paramedics, which she declined. Once the train was underway, she was able to collect herself and calm down. It was a huge relief, once my cousin picked her up in Albany, and I could hear her voice. She was good, but certainly the day kicked her behind, and I could hear that in her voice. I have never felt so helpless as a parent, in my nineteen years in this role. There was literally nothing I could do to help her, 1,000 miles away.


Sorry guys, I just couldn’t finish this blog last night. After everything that happened, I was beyond emotionally spent. I turned on my water heater breaker long enough so that I could get a somewhat hot bath and got myself to bed. Today has been a MUCH better day for me, and a much better travel day for my girl. She is about 15 minutes from de-training, as we speak. I know she’ll be very excited to see her boyfriend and meet his family, and NOT have to think about the train for awhile. She’ll have to come back through Penn on her way home, but she knows what to expect now. Crossing my fingers, and sending out good energy to the universe that the next time she’s there won’t nearly as traumatic. Thank you for listening to me rant. I don’t do it often. I’m one of those people that stuff just tends to roll off, without a care in the world. Hope you all had a good weekend, and I’ll chat with you all tomorrow!