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Good afternoon, friends! I hope you all have had a restful weekend! I got myself a bit off track, not posting for those few days. I need to get myself back on track, and I wanted to let you all know what I am working on in the days and weeks ahead.

Look for reviews on products from Tarte, BH, Lorac, Pür, IT, as well as a few surprises. I will continue with Mid~week Mask and Skincare Saturday, as well as fun product reviews from companies like Boscia. Of course, Bougie on a Budget will continue, with some really cool products lines up for that, as well. There will be makeup haul and subscription box unboxings, and maybe some clothing hauls, too.

I am considering adding a weekly post about health/wellness/chronic conditions, and how they affect those who deal with them, maybe discuss issues surrounding autoimmune diseases. What do you think about that? Would you be interested in posts of that nature? Here’s the schedule I am considering, below. It’s basically the same, with a few additions.

Makeup Mondays ~ discussing new-to-me makeup/first impressions

Try-It Tuesday ~ beauty gadgets and “gimmicky” or really cheap beauty/makeup products

Wednesday ~ Mid Week Mask ~ weekly mask reviews

Thursday ~ health topics, as they relate to chronic conditions

Friday ~ Bougie on a Budget ~ ways to get high end, luxury products for less

Saturday ~ Skin Care Saturday ~ all things skin care

Sunday ~ weekly news in makeup ~ upcoming launches

What do you all think? Is there something you would like to see me do with the blog? Any products you’d like tested and reviewed? Any health topics you would like me to cover? My views and likes have gone waayyyy down since I was out of town, and I am not sure why, so I am coming to you, reader friends! Any feedback you can offer would be greatly appreciated! Let me know what you are thinking!


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