Try~ It Tuesday ~ $1.50 Eyeshadow??

Good day lovelies! Hope everyone is having a fine day. My day is scads better than the last few days, thank goodness! We all have rough patches, and attitude is everything. You have to have a positive attitude, no matter your circumstances. A hard life with a lousy attitude makes for an even harder life.

You read that title right, by the way. I happened to be in Dollar General a few weeks back and I wandered into the makeup section. It doesn’t matter where I am, if there’s a makeup section, I’m checking out what they have. They have Wet N Wild, which bloggers and influences rave about, so maybe there was a hidden gem and I’d be the one to find it!! I happened upon the L.A. Colors and there were some five-pan palettes that caught my attention.

I’m typically not a blue shadow wearer, but I thought these were pretty. I do like purples, and these are pretty, too! I wanted to use nothing but these shadows, and was a little bummed there wasn’t what I would deem a “good” transition shade, so I just went with crease, lid and brow bone. The brow bone was tricky in the blue palette lol, but I just went with it LOL I wasn’t creating a look with these shadows, by any means. Just testing to see if they are any good.

I started with the purples and was immediately disappointed. I know purples are notoriously difficult to produce well, but gee whiz. I had to load my brush four times just to get what I got.


I used the darkest purple shade for the crease, darkened it with the black-ish shade, used the medium purple for the lid and the lightest “peachy” color for the brow bone. This is pre-blend.

And these are post-blend. Where did the shadow go??? Also, if you’ll notice, there’s some shadow on my lower lash line that I did not purposely put there. The purple palette is definitely a bust. I was crossing my fingers the blue would be better …

Haha okay … let’s address the very large, pre-blended blue elephant in the room. I can only assume that something distracted me when I was putting this color in my crease. I think it’s darn near everywhere, except my crease! Hahahahaha holy cow … I’m so glad that I did this after I got home from running errands, not before. Like I said above, I’m not tryin to create a look (and I think we’re all glad of that), just testing the quality of the shadows hahaha

These are definitely more pigmented than the purples … by a mile. For this test, I used the darkest blue for the crease (and surrounding areas), the lightest blue for the lid, and the first color, which is a light grey, for the brow bone. I was pretty excited by the color laid down …

… until I started blending. Like the purple shades, this blended into nearly nothing. I’d say this disappeared even worse than the purple. Clearly, not far enough to undo my terrible application job, though hehehe

There was also significant fall out with these shadows, just like the purple. I may have blonde hair, but my lashes are not white.


I’m sure you can guess my final thoughts, here. If you are an application queen, and never blend out your shadows, then they might work for you. Even then, these shadows just aren’t worth $1.50. If you are totally desperate for makeup, spring for the extra $1 and buy some Wet N Wild, and leave these to collect dust.

Have you all tried this particular line from L.A. Colors? Did you have a similar experience? Lemme know!


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