Please read!! I was just plagiarized

This isn’t clickbait, this happened last night with my Tony Moly post. A website straight up stole my post, gave themselves credit, and translated my post into French. Thank goodness I can read French. I happened to be notified because there was a link to a previous blog embedded. Had that link not been there, I would have had no idea that I had just been stolen from. They didn’t even bother to remove it!

Stolen blog post original French

Their website <

They even used the picture of ME!! To say I am furious is an understatement, and rest assured, it will be handled. The reason for this post is mainly for the other bloggers out here. I would strongly suggest you check this website for your work. If you use Google Chrome, it will translate the page for you, so you can know for certain if they have your work. The translations are awful, (maybe laughable under other circumstances) but the intent is crystal clear.

As a beginner in the blogging world, this is so upsetting, disappointing, infuriating … I don’t even know what else. Has this happened to any of y’all, that you’re aware of? How did you handle it? They have a FB page, and I am restraining myself from going over there and blasting them publicly. Never mind … they have two followers over there, but I will leave a terrible review. I am currently contacting their web host and reporting them for abuse. Is there any other recourse? How dare they take my work, potentially make money from it when I’m not even making any money???

Sigh … I’m so disheartened. I will try to get the Ipsy and Birchbox post up this evening. If not then, it’ll be up early, early, early tomorrow morning. Y’all … I just don’t even have any more words right now




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