Try-It Tuesday ~ Mystery Eye Makeup Remover

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Hello lovelies! I hope everyone is having a fine Tuesday! I’m still melting down here, but that’s okay, “winter is coming” hahahaha

I have an amazing makeup removing product for you guys today. I’m sure some of you have heard of it, but I am stunned every time I use it. It’s inexpensive and you get A TON of product. I would even go so far as to say that it could very well last at least a year. I can hear y’all now, “what is this amazing product, Carrie? Don’t keep us in the dark!” Okay, okay … the magical mystery makeup remover is (although you can clearly see the photo haha):



I cannot sing the praises of this product enough. Not only does it remove waterproof makeup, but it can work as a moisturizer in a pinch, it’s great on your hair, smells incredible and makes a mean pan o’ brownies! Amazon carries an ample supply of Natures Way Oil Coconut(<<affiliate link), but it can also be found at your local grocery store.

Coconut oil works better than any commercial makeup remover I have ever used. There’s no hard rubbing of the delicate eye area. It takes about 20-30 seconds of gently working it into the eyelashes to make sure it melts all of it away. Wipe away with a cotton round and that’s it! Wash your face with your favorite cleanser, get your nighttime skin care routine done and you can call it a night! Here are a few photos of the process:

I had great fun with a friend one evening and sent him a pic of my eye before I wiped what was left of my makeup away. He was instantly concerned, thinking I had blackened my eye somehow hahahahaha I keep a large tub of this in my makeup desk and a smaller container in my bathroom. Bear in mind that the melting point is relatively low, so if your house gets hot in the summer, I suggest keeping it in the fridge to keep it solid. You’ll just have to work it a little more to warm it up. This is a great product for those of you who may have chemical sensitivities, or just prefer a more natural product.

So what do you guys think? Have you tried coconut oil before? Were your results as good as mine? What other natural products have you used to remove makeup? Lemme know!



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