Fancy Schmancy Mask

I got an order in from Sephora the other day. Shocker, right? If you have ever ordered from them, you know they send you three samples of your choice. They are usually skin care or fragrance samples. For some reason, I got four samples. SCORE!

My extra sample was a Dior face mask. Even bigger score! The full name of this product is Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask. Phew … that was a mouthful haha There were no directions, of course (not even on the Dior site), but Sephora came though. Basically, you massage into the skin until it turns white, then leave it on for a minute. Rinse off and bask in the glow of your skin. For real. My skin was SO soft and smooth afterward. In fact, I don’t think my skin has been that soft and smooth in years.

The bad news is two-fold. First, while the softness persisted, the smoothness did not. My skin was back to its lame, textured self with a day, or so. Second, the price. Dior is NOT an inexpensive brand, obviously. This mask is $75 for 2 oz, and they recommend using 2-3 times per WEEK. The little packet didn’t really contain enough product to cover my entire face. I did the best I could. To get enough to cover, though, a 2 oz tube will not last long. I think you’d be looking at $150 a month, for one product.

Sigh  … my bougie just isn’t that strong, y’all. A girl can dream … If yours is, though, I say go for it! I think with consistent use, this would be an excellent addition to any skin care routine.



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