Family fun 

I have a five year old niece, and she totally has me wrapped. Maybe more than my own daughter haha We love to have slumber parties. Tonight is her second night with me this week, and she is sweeter than pie.

You all know I’ve been flaring for about two weeks now. That doesn’t stop us from partying, though. It definitely slows it down, but the party doesn’t stop. Five year olds are not known for their patience, but she tries. Her mommy, (my baby sister), has systemic lupus, so Keyra understands bad days, as much as a five year old is capable of, anyway. 

Hot baths are my go-to when I feel like this, and they happen to be one of her favorite things to do! She LOVES dropping the bath bombs in and watching them fizz. I ordered some random bombs from Amazon a few months ago, and tonight we picked cherry. Phew … talk about highly scented!!! 

After bath time fun, we were in the den, and she had a bowl of cereal. She stopped eating, looked at me and said “Kewy (she says Carrie so funny), what else sweet can I do for you? I could massage your feet?” My heart immediately melted. This precious little angel …

She does give a good foot massage, but what we did instead was a mini facial. I have a Peter Thomas Roth cucumber toner spray and she loves when I spray her face. Not too much though, that stuff sprays like a fire hose hahaha Then I give her two little squirts of ELF hydrating serum and she rubs it all over her face. We finished up with our “scent of the day”, which was a few squirts of Bath & Body Works Winter Candy Apple.

I hate that this disease has caused a five year old to be so concerned about making me feel good. At the same time, it has allowed her sweet soul to shine. And does it shine!! Don’t misunderstand me, she can be hell on wheels sometimes. Most times haha, but in my worst moments, her best moments shine bigger and brighter than anything I’ve ever seen. 

Do you have a special little in your life? When do they shine their brightest? What are the little things they do to show that sweet side?

Be on the look out tomorrow for a Dior mask review. I am super stoked to share it with y’all! Have a great day today! 



8 thoughts on “Family fun 

  1. Sniff sniff!!! Loved everything about this post, except you know I hate you are flaring! Sometimes I believe that having a silent disease that can’t be seen is worse than having one that is seen…. people don’t realize how much we are really hurting somewhere inside of our body… or like in my case with MS I have lesions on my brain, severe headaches, extreme fatigue, etc…. but I try to put my lipgloss on and smile anyway. People don’t realize exactly how much these illnesses can rob you of LIFE! Precious time taken away from your spouse and children because you have a flare and are just too weak to carry on. And it truly is the littlest of things like asking your Aunt Kewy if she wants her feet rubbed that can turn the darkest moments into the brightest light! Children are a gift from God and are so honest! You know that precious babe really wanted to do something special to help you feel better! You are loved! ❤️

    1. I feel loved, no joke. She has an amazing heart! And all we can do is put on that gloss and keep on keepin’ on!! Life’s going to go on, whether we are flaring or not. May as well look good in the process!!

      1. You got that right!! Truly, the last thing I want is to make anyone feel sorry for me when I am having a bad day. Just because I feel bad, I don’t want to rob them of their joy. It is what it is and for whatever reason this is the path God chose for me… I like to think it’s because He knows I am stronger than I give myself credit for and He knows I can handle it and be a warrior. I do know that because of MS I have met people that I would have otherwise never knew existed and we know have forever friendships! And although you and I met before we found out about our illnesses…. it was meant to be! We understand the struggle is real on a daily basis! And we can vent to one another or just talk about anything but MS or RA and be normal for a short while… 😘

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