Sheet mask a-no-no

Last night was Mid-Week Mask night and I was super excited to try the Rose Essence sheet mask, from Beyond Belief. This mask claims to replenish moisture and brighten skin, and is for all skin types. I’ve never heard of this company before, but I saw this at Sally Beauty and figured I’d give it a shot. I’ve always had great luck with other Korean skin care brands, and I figured this would be the same. I was incorrect. By a lot. 

I pulled the mask out and had a very hard time unfolding it. Trouble from the get-go haha It was soaked with serum. I mean, it was dripping and slippery (slimy), which made unfolding it quite the challenge. After about five minutes (yes haha five minutes), I finally got it unfolded and on my face. 

My eyes started to burn a little, so I adjusted it away from my eyes as best I could. About ten minutes in, (it’s a 20 minute mask), my skin started to burn a little. With rosacea, that’s not really uncommon. However, in all of my time using sheet masks, my face has never burned from one. I decided to stick it out; luckily, with no lasting effects. My face was pretty sticky, but I patted in the serum as best I could.

I accidentally fell asleep with the tv and all of my lights on. I woke up around 1:30am and my face felt GROSS. I went into the bathroom and my face was so shiny with serum. And STICKY!!! Keep in mind, I took the mask off around 9:45pm. It was so bad, I had to wash my face and get that stuff off of me, right then and there. I finished my skin care routine and went back to sleep. It wasn’t better when I woke up around 7:30. My face felt almost as bad as it did at 1:30! Even after washing the serum off! I washed my face again, and finally got it all off.

I am not sure what was going on with that mask, but you can bet that I will never buy another product from that company, ever again. I should have listened to my skin when it started burning. I should have paid attention when, just being near my eyes caused them to burn. I really wanted to give it a fair shot. I think I went above and beyond hahaha Thank goodness it wasn’t terribly expensive! Have you ever bought a truly awful skin care product? What were the results? Lemme know! 



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