Bath bomb bombed

I am a bath product aficionado. I love all types of products: bombs, salts, bubbles, oils, fizzies … you name it, I probably own it. Any time I am in a store that might sell bath products, I always check out their selection. I had occasion to be in Rite Aid this weekend and, lo and behold, I spy a bath bomb! Éclair Naturals Fizzy Bath Cupcake. It was in the natural personal care area, but there it was, whispering to me from the shelf.  “Take me home”. So I did.

I wish I hadn’t. Being such a lover of bath products, it kinda hurts when I come across a dud. And boy, was this a dud. I opened the package and was very underwhelmed by the scent. It claims to be grapefruit orange scented, but there wasn’t much there. I didn’t even get a whiff of citric acid, (and it’s the first ingredient), which you would expect with a citrus scent. The ingredients list sweet orange and grapefruit peel oil. Hmmm …

I dropped the cupcake in and it immediately hit the bottom of the tub with a loud “thunk”. And no fizz. I don’t mean the fizz was weak. I mean NO FIZZ. There was something floating up from the bottom, but it looked like oil. So I pulled the bomb out and it was foamy. Like soap. I called my daughter to find the packaging, because I truly thought I read the box wrong and it was a decorative soap. No such luck. We tried to break it, thinking there might be a coating on the outside. We thought once we exposed the inside it would fizz perfectly. My daughter was able to break it by whacking it against our cast iron bathroom sink. I dropped a large piece in … hopeful. My dreams were dashed. It did nothing, except that odd foam. I will say that, what I was able to dissolve, made the water a little softer.

Because I take baths so often to soothe my joints and muscles, I feel like a bath product expert hahaha! Calling this “bath cupcake” a dud is quite an understatement. No fizz, no lovely scent. Just a weird foam that sticks to the “cupcake”. Should you see this in Rite Aid, and it whispers to you … walk away. I don’t think it’s worth the money. Yes, it made the water a bit softer, but I could buy an entire box of Calgon for less money and get an incredible scent with the soft water, and two more baths! Save your $4.99 and walk away.

Eclair Naturals bath cupcake photo

Photo taken from Rite Aid app



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