Skin Care Saturdays

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I sure hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend! My Saturday was pretty boring, and today we unpacked some boxes from our move … last July hahahaha I know, I know. My hubby also helped me in my garden a bit. I guess a little background info is in order, here. About five years ago, we bought 22 acres, with the intent to homestead, and my husband spent most of that time restoring the house on the property. Of course, that was before my diagnoses. I was not about to let my health issues derail my dreams, so we finally moved here last summer. No animals yet, but we did put a small garden in. Chickens will be coming soon.

Anyway, there will be a few weekly series here on the blog called Skin Care Saturdays and Mid-Week mask. Both of these are days that I use and review various skin care products, masks, etc. I will make these posts on the correct days in the future hehe Let’s get into it, shall we?

Last night, I chose an old friend, Freeman Facial Mask, Anti-Stress, Dead Sea Minerals 6 fl oz (150 ml) (<<affiliate link)
This mask is so comforting! It has a cooling effect while it’s drying, which is really nice during these hot months, and it smells wonderful. It only takes ten or fifteen minutes to dry. That depends, of course, on how thick you apply it. **Cool clay fact** Clay has the wonderful ability to draw out toxins and bacteria from the skin, which is why it’s such a popular mask ingredient. Have a pesky pimple? Apply a little dab on the area and leave on overnight. In the morning the pimple will have significantly diminished, if not dried up totally! Moisturize after rinsing, because clay can be drying. Also, make sure the clay is completely dry before lying down to avoid staining pillowcases and sheets.



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